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About WellSpace

Well Space is a grassroots hub run by and for the community! We've created a colourful space run by volunteers that welcomes everyone. Our purpose is working together to promote positivity, creativity and unity. We are always looking for people to get involved and bring great things to the space. Please get in touch with any ideas or questions!

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The Vision 

Our passion and aim is working collectively to provide a community space for people to come together, enable great ideas to be realised and skills to be shared. 


The space is available to the local and wider community for any activities that promote creativity, well being, unity and resistance to all forms of oppression. 

Our objective is to support our community, provide a positive space to gather and through the space facilitate conversations that transcend boundaries. 

Who We Are

Well Space is built on LOVE & DIY! We are a team of 3 volunteer directors with local connections who manage the space. Many others have been and are a part of creating and developing Well Space. We are diverse in terms of age and background but with a shared vision to provide a wonderful space for our community. We care deeply about people and the planet and follow the ethos of thinking globally and acting locally.

We are a registered Community Interest Company which means we exist for community benefit, not private gain and all of our profits are reinvested to support the community.

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